The Assyrians of Khābūr: A Tale of Survival and Resilience

The atrocities of 1915, committed by the then Ottoman Empire as well as their collaborators, the Kurdish chiefs of Bohtān and Hakkâri, forced many Indigenous Assyrians to flee their Traditional Homelands and seek refuge in a nascent Iraq. In search of safety, innocent men, women, and children were subjected to harsh environments as well as racial discrimination and were eventually massacred, first in the town of Simele in August 1933, and then again in the village of Ṣorīyā in September 1969.

ACSYA Inc. Holds High-Level Meeting with the Iraqi Ambassador to Australia

A delegation headed by Stella Kina, newly appointed President of the ACSYA Inc. arrived today, Wednesday, 14 September 2022, to the nation’s capital. Executive members of the ACSYA Inc. met with His Excellency, Dr. Basim Hattab Al-Tumma, the Iraqi Ambassador to Australia.

Makhoul Dam May Submerge Multiple Archaeological Sites in Iraq

Iraq is in the midst of a climate emergency. With soaring temperatures and acute water supply, experts have warned of a potential humanitarian crisis that may lead to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable peoples in the region. To address these worrying concerns, the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources has spearheaded a new project— the Makhoul Dam.

The Ability of Organisations to Foster Cultural Continuity and Preservation in Diaspora

The role that Assyrian organisations play in the preservation of Indigenous culture is pivotal to upholding continuity, belonging and identity. For many Assyrians, namely young people in the diaspora, organisations such as the Assyrian Cultural & Social Youth Association Inc (ACSYA Inc.), amongst others, have provided a safe space for people to come together with a central goal of community.

ACSYA Inc. hosts inaugural Assyrian Cultural Awareness Workshop

The first ever Assyrian Cultural Awareness Workshop was hosted by the Assyrian Cultural & Social Youth Association Inc. (ACSYA) in Sydney, Australia on Sunday, July 10, 2022, and was sponsored by the Assyrian Sports and Cultural Club.

Newly Digitised Manuscript Sheds Valuable Light on Assyrian Identity

Sections of a rare Christian Palestinian Aramaic (CPA) lectionary manuscript have been digitised for the very first time. The two folios, tentatively dated to the tenth– or eleventh–century, correspond to the books of Micah and Isaiah, respectively.