5 Facts about the Month of Nīsān Every Assyrian Should Know

Nīsān is the Syriac name for the first month of the Assyrian calendar, corresponding to the month of April and thus, marking the beginning of the year. The first day of the month is commonly known by the term Ḵa b-Nīsān “1 April” or Rēsh-Shētā— a combination of the words rēsh “head” and shētā “year”, literally meaning “head of the year” or “New Year”.

The Powerful Role of Music and Dance in the Safeguarding of Assyrian Culture and Tradition

Music is the culmination of culture, knowledge, tradition and wisdom, existing beyond borders and prevailing over the constraints of time. As mediums of storytelling and communication, Assyrians continue to utilise dance and song to capture and preserve significant people and profound moments throughout history.

Meet the Assyrian Garment Maker who Dressed Aghas and Chiefs

Traditional folk garments play an important role among Indigenous Assyrian communities, both in their Traditional Homelands as well as the Assyrian Diaspora. Assyrian traditional clothes are a means of expressing cultural values and beliefs, and traditional attire continues to be an important symbol of Assyrian cultural heritage.

The ACSYA Inc. Impact Report 2022

2022— a year that heralded a revival of Assyrian cultural heritage. With the easing of pandemic restrictions, we were once again able to come together to engage our local and international Assyrian communities through a range of immersive in-person and virtual events.

The ACSYA Inc. Inaugural Event at Parliament of Victoria

Melbourne, 18 November 2022— The ACSYA Inc. held an inaugural event as well as a signing ceremony at the Parliament of Victoria in the city of Melbourne. This historic event, hosted at the Legislative Council Committee Room, was to further expand the organisation's programmes and services to support and benefit Assyrian-Australian communities in the state of Victoria.

Garments of Assyria Exhibit at the Assyrian Music & Cultural Festival

On Sunday, 30 October 2022, the ACSYA Inc. held an exclusive exhibit titled Garments of Assyria at the Assyrian Music & Cultural Festival. Hosted by the Assyrian National Council of Australia (ANCAU), the event welcomed a number of distinguished guests as well as politicians, both from local and federal levels of government.